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Price: £19.99

The complete kit

Sanyo Eneloop Powerpack

Two Set with AA, AAA batteries with D and C adapters

The SANYO power pack offers the MDR02 charger. The packs are with four of size AA and two of size AAA eneloop batteries. The pack has also two kind of adapters in size C and D. Both of them two pcs.
The eneloop power pack offers an all in one, easy to carry and store, solution for all of your battery needs. Included within the pack are the following

- 4 eneloop AA cells
- 2 eneloop AAA cells
- eneloop quick charger
- 2 D Cell Adaptors
- 2 C Cell Adaptors

Consumers would like to have a battery, which

* can be used right after the purchase
* has a high performance
* has a long shelf life with no loss of energy
* can be used everywhere
* is cheap in purchase and usage
* is environmental friendly
* is easy to use

* high performance, especially if high discharge currents are required ( like in digital cameras )
* cheap in use, because they can be recharged many times.
* environmental friendly, because one rechargeable battery replaces 1000 disposable batteries.
* good performance at low temperatures.

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