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JCB Safety RCD Adaptor Plug Heavy Duty


Price: £Call

Technical Specification

  • Rated Voltage: 230-250V AC 50Hz
  • Maximum Current: 13 Amps
  • Maximum Load: 3120 Watts
  • Rated Trip Current: 30mA
  • Trip Speed: 40mS

Gives added protection from the risk of fatal electric shock at home, work or in the garden.

This JCB RCD PLUG will continuously monitor the power supply to an electrical appliance and cut off the supply within 40 milliseconds if an earth current fault is detected. This is fast enough to prevent a fatal electrical shock. Electrical appliances can become dangerous if the wiring becomes loose, if they or their power cords become damaged or if they get wet. Electrocution is also possible if fingers, wet hair or other conductive bodies enter the appliance. In all these cases your JCB RCD PLUG will instantly cut off the electricity before the user receives a potentially fatal electric shock.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) recommends the use of an RCD to reduce the risk of fatal shock. It is recommended to always fit an RCD when you use an electric mower or power tools.

Supplied in sealed blister pack.


JCB Safety RCD Adaptor Plug Heavy Duty

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