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Hozelock Auto Aquapod 10 System Kit AC1+ Water Computer


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Hozelock Aquapod 10 Greenhouse Watering Kit

Offering effortless watering, the Hozelock Aquapod automatically waters plants and containers and has been specifically designed for 'holiday watering' and the busy gardener alike.

Each Aquapod is equipped with 5 hoses and at the end of each one is a self cleaning pressure regulating dripper. Each hose can be pulled out and rewound independantly to suit the layout of the patio giving maximum flexibility. Should the layout of the patio be changed it only takes two minutes to adjust the Aquapod.

Also suitable for larger patios, extra Aquapods can be added in just 2 minutes with up to nine Aquapods operating from one tap.

Benefits Of The Aquapod 10

Will water your patio, garden pots, hanging baskets or greenhouse freeing you up to enjoy your garden.
Only 5 components to fit, can be easily installed in just 5 minutes.
Can reduce your water useage by up to 90% in comparison to traditional watering can.
Leak free design, Manufacturers two year guarantee.
Blends into its surroundings, its easy to hide and even easier to store thanks to retractable micro pipelines.
You can change the position of your plants in only 2 minutes.
You can add up to 9 more aquapods.


This Kit Includes:

  • Two Aquapods
  • 10 Drippers And Stakes
  • 20m of Hose
  • 1 Tap Connector And Pressure Regulator



Hozelock Auto Aquapod 10 System Kit AC1+ Water Computer

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