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Black & Decker KA168K Mouse Sander 240v


Price: £Call

Ideal for paint & varnish removal, cleaning glass, removing rust and sanding in tight spaces. Its removable tips allow other profile tips to be added for great versatility.

- Auto Pressure Indicator that can indicate the need to increase / decrease the amount of pressure on the sander for optimal stock removal
- Compact decorating and sanding tool
- Detail base is designed to give better results when sanding intricate areas
- Tear drop shaped base to access tight corners
- Vacuum Dust Extractor
- Quick Fix paper attachment

Power- 55w
Voltage: 230v
Speed- Single
No load speed- 11000rpm
Excentricity- 0.75mm
Oribit daimeter- 1.5mm

  • Includes:
  • 6 contour attachments
  • Selection of sanding / polishing sheets
  • Carry Case


Black & Decker KA168K Mouse Sander 240v

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