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Black & Decker CHS6000 6v Cordless Handisaw / Jigsaw


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The Black & Decker CHS6000 Cordless Handisaw. Cuts wood, metal, drywall, plastic, rope and more. Its grab-it-and-go convenience, and it doesn't balk at wood that's up to an inch thick. It's perfect for taming overgrown bushes and stray branches, but it also makes quick work of PVC pipes, vinyl gutters, wire shelving, wallboard, craft projects and a hundred other things. It's small and light enough for even the most petite among us to grasp it firmly with just one hand, leaving your other free.

Just keep it in its wall-mountable charger, then grab it when you need it. Even changing blades is a fast and easy task because it's tool-free.

It's powered by a 6-volt battery and delivers a surprising 1,850 strokes per minute with a 1/2-inch stroke length, and best of all, it doesn't require fancy blades - just standard jigsaw blades.

What's in the Packet
Handisaw, Wood cutting blade, Metal cutting blade, Wall-mountable charger.

Ideal for cutting in tight areas, the Black & Decker CHS6000 6-Volt Handisaw cordless powered hand saw cuts thin metal, wood (up to 1-inch thick), plastic, and drywall with ease. Its tool-free blade changes and its cordless operation provides quick and convenient cutting. Lightweight and compact for easy access to tight areas, this hand saw is capable of making up to 200 cuts of 1/2-inch oak dowels on a single charge and accepts standard jig saw blades for added convenience. With a stroke length of 1/2-inches, this hand saw is capable of operating at 1,850 SPM. Backed by a 2-year limited warranty, this saw comes with a wall mountable charger, an ideal accessory to provide continuous charging for grab-and-go convenience. This hand saw comes with a wood cutting blade, a metal cutting blade, 6v battery and a wall mountable charger.



Black & Decker CHS6000 6v Cordless Handisaw / Jigsaw

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